Day 1, the spirit within…

January 1, 2008

It’s my first day of 2008 and it will be my habit to write all things in my mind and all experiences I got each and everyday.

Today, I feel like I was re-charged. I’m full of energy and plans. Like the King Leonidas and his 300, I feel really confident that I can win all the wars, including the biggest war ever: battle against myself, perang melawan hawa nafsu.

Yesterday I saw a DVD tittled the Secret; law of attraction < Rhonda Byrne>. What I can summarize from it is that happiness and success are all depend on what you’re thinking. If you think and focus on the figure that you’re a successful person, healthy, rich, or happy then the law of attraction will react and the universe will give you that. So focus on good and positive things.

Hari ini prasasti tentang keberhasilan telah kuukir, kufokuskan dlm benak dan kusematkan dlm jiwa yg kuat dlm diri, the strong spirit within…

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